Global Bachelor’s Degree in International Business

Global Bachelor’s Degree in International Business

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    4 ans

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Studying International Business means learning your profession in a different, totally innovative way here in Spain, because you’ll receive a very hands-on education combined with exclusive periods of study abroad at universities based in other countries.

Studying International Business at Universidad Europea means learning your profession in a different, totally innovative way here in Spain, because you’ll receive a very hands-on education combined with exclusive periods of study abroad at universities based in other countries.

You will also develop fundamental professional competencies to become a highly qualified professional capable of working in multinational companies at an international level.

The Global Bachelor's Degree in International Business is delivered entirely in English. You will learn in small groups where participation is key, work as part of a team on real projects, and acquire an international view of business administration in global environments. As from the second year, you will complete part of your studies at prestigious international universities, as well as carry out mandatory internships at companies based in other countries.


Carry out your studies entirely in English and round off your education at some of the world's best universities.
During the third year you will have preferential access to the best universities in Europe through the Erasmus program; and in your final you will complete part of your studies at the world's most prestigious universities specializing in Economics and Business Studies. You can choose from among the London School of Economics in London, Pace University in New York or McGill University in Quebec.

Enhance your professional entrepreneurial skills and develop all your capabilities to become a fully-prepared professional capable of pursuing your career in multinational companies and institutions.

À propos de Global Bachelor’s Degree in International Business

  • 90 employability in the first year.
  • 40 countries to choose from for your internship.
  • 3000 agreements with companies.
  • 87% of our students would study with us again and graduate with the same degree
  • Excelencia Academica

    Academic excellence

    Leader in facilities and technology. The 2nd ranking private university in Spain in scientific production. An average of 1 professor per 23 students. Advanced technology applied to teaching.

  • Internacionalidad

    International context

    282 exchange agreements. Programs and internships in more than 40 countries. 70 programs 100% in English or in bilingual formats.

  • Skills development

    100% of our students receive the personalized attention of an advisor and study in small groups.

  • Empleabilidad

    Focus on employment

    90% of Universidad Europea graduates find work in the first year after finishing their studies; 69% in the first 6 months. 3,000 agreements with companies. 2,000 internships a year. 10% outside Spain.

Código Asignatura
Subject Code
9885001101 Economic Environment 6 UC ENG
9885001102 Fundamentals of International Business 6 UC ENG
9885001103 Communication Skills 6 UC ENG
9885001104 Matemathics 6 DR ENG
9885001105 Environments: Cultural, Political and Legal 6 UC ENG
9885001106 Contemporary Geopolitics 6 UC ENG
9885001107 Principles of Business Management 6 UC ENG
9885001108 Accounting and Financial Analysis 6 UC ENG
9885001109 Language A I 6 DR ENG
9885001110 Introduction to Marketing 6 UC ENG
Código Asignatura
Subject Code
9885001201 Competitor Analysis 6 UC ENG
9885001202 Financial Accounting and Management Control in International Environments 6 DR ENG
9885001203 Financial Economics 6 DR ENG
9885001204  International Marketing 6 UC ENG
9885001205 World Economics 6 DR ENG
9885001206 Statistics 6 DR ENG
9885001207  International Taxation 6 DR ENG
9885001208 Sources of International Finance 6 DR ENG
9885001209 Language A II 6 DR ENG
9885001210 Business Intelligence 6 DR ENG
Código Asignatura
Subject Code
9885001301 International Strategic Management 6 DR ENG
9885001302 Human Resources Management 6 DR ENG
9885001303 Managerial and Negotiation Skills 6 DR ENG
9885001304 Commercial Research 6 DR ENG
9885001305 International Trade 6 DR ENG
9885001306 International Law and Contracting 6 DR ENG
9885001307 International Finance 6 DR ENG
9885001308 Internationalization Strategies 6 DR ENG
9885001309 Language A III 6 DR ENG
9885001310 Production Management and International Operations 6 DR ENG
Código Asignatura
Subject Code
9885001401 Distribution and Logistics 6 DR ENG
9885001403 Project Management 6 DR ENG
9885001402 International Business Ethics 6 DR ENG
9885001801 University Activities 6 RE ENG
9885001806 Innovation Management 6 RE ENG
9885001804 World Powers and Emerging Markets 6 RE ENG
9885001808 How to Make Business in America 6 RE ENG
9885001404 Internship I 6 DR ENG
9885001405 Internship II 6 DR ENG
9885001406 International Business Graduation Project 6 DR ENG

International Outlook

Enjoy some of the advantages that position us as a university with a clearly international focus:choose among double degrees with many international universities, benefit from an Erasmus scholarship, study totally or partially in English or take your internship abroad.

We are part of the prestigious Laureate international network, the leader in further education, serving more than 850,000 students in 30 countries and over 80 institutions worldwide.

Cutting Edge Professional Facilities

At the Universidad Europea our priority is learning with an eminently practical approach. Our Madrid, Valencia and Canary Islands campuses offer you the best facilities for putting your knowledge into practice, in the most fully equipped laboratories and using the latest technologies, before joining the career world. Likewise, in the university clinics, students of the School of Biomedical Sciences and the School of Health Sciences can develop their practical learning in contact with the professional world.

Guarantee of Quality

Our hard work and constant dedication to academic excellence have been recognized by many of the most prestigious quality certificates, such as: EFQM 400+ “European Excellence”, Quali-cert, and Madrid Excelente.

Calidad 2012

*These marks of recognition were granted to Universidad Europea de Madrid.

Leaders in R&D&I

At the Universidad Europea excellence in research is part of our commitment to society. We research to generate transferable knowledge and thus contribute to social development and progress. To do this, we have five Centers of Excellence for Research which organize all our research activity in each line (projects, training programs, scientific forums, dissertations, scientific dissemination, etc.). These enhance the creation of synergies among research groups both in the University and outside, leading to alliances with other institutions and companies in Spain and abroad.

Academic, Human and Social Education

Students at the Universidad Europea have an important added value in their professional preparation. In addition to developing the technique, the knowledge and the praxis necessary for your future profession, you are trained in a series of essential competencies to excel both on the personal and the professional plane. We will work with you on skills such as conflict resolution, leadership capacity or teamwork, emotional intelligence, creativity, innovation, critical spirit, entrepreneurship and communication skills.

Personalized Teaching

The philosophy of placing students into small groups (an average of 1 professor for every 23 students), the excellent students program and the presence, from the first day, of one advisor per student enable and encourage the motivation of each student and the development of their full potential.

Our Academic Advising Program (PAT) follows the coaching and mentoring model and is designed to help you focus on your profession from the start, until you join the world of work.

Faculty Connected to the Professional World

Our faculty have teaching, professional and research experience which will enrich your theoretical and practical training. They come from the most prestigious companies and institutions and teach the latest courses of study, focused on the professional world.

They are an essential asset for making our students highly competitive. Furthermore, we design Teaching Plans, which, amongst other aspects place particular emphasis on academic and effective student monitoring throughout their university experience.

Committed to the Environment

At the Universidad Europea we have awareness-raising programs, national and international volunteer groups, groups in defense of human rights, or to promote alternative forms of consumption. We encourage our faculty to include these as social content in degree courses through the Curricular Sustainability Program.

Develop Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

At the Universidad Europea we foster entrepreneurship among our students through different workshops, prizes and activities. Examples include the Specific Plan to Develop the Entrepreneurial Spirit (900 students have joined so far) or the Annual Young Social Entrepreneurs Awards, in collaboration with the International Youth Foundation. We support young people who devote themselves to creating a more sustainable world through real action projects.

Ce que nos étudiants pensent de l'Universidad Europea


Nada Lazrak
BTS Audioprothésiste

La formation en Audioprothèses est très varié, on a des matières de théorie et des matières pratiques. Les professeurs sont de très haute compétence et ils sont toujours à l´écoute.


Thomas Delgove
Licence en Kinésithérapie

Je cotoie des espagnols tous les jours, des allemands, des italiens, des anglais, des chinois […] Ça me permet d´apprendre de nouvelles langues: l´espagnol et l´anglais.


Nadia Robert
MBA Sports Marketing

C´est vraiment une expérience unique. On apprend vraiment de professionnels et puis l´ambience est juste fascinante; on est à Madrid, c´est une ville magnifique, il ne faut pas hésiter!